Best Cordless Drill Reviews

Welcome to the best cordless drill reviews. I am a hobby carpenter and a power-tool enthusiast that have owned and tried out a lot of the best cordless drills in my lifetime. The best 12v,18v,24v drills,and many more,you name it. I have built my own house,I’ve helped a lot of friends out with their houses,I do everything in and around the house myself and I even have my own construction and maintenance company which I run when I have some spare time from my regular day job. (I’m an offshore oil-rig worker). I see my cordless drill as a necessity in my daily life and I can’t really manage without it.

My personal review of the 5 best cordless drills

1.Bosch HDS181-02L

Coreless Drill Bosch HDS181-02L

This best Bosch cordless drill is a power-tool with loads of positive 5 star reviews on amazon. When I first tested this I was literally blown away of the power this cordless drill was able to achieve.

With over 600 inch/lbs of max torque this battery-drill is a power-beast,and I couldn’t find a task this drill couldn’t do. The lightweight (3,6 lbs) of this cordless drill makes it really easy to work with too. With the dual-speed option (low speed:0-500 rpm/high speed:0-1700 rpm) and the new gear train and clutch system (patented from Bosch) this cordless drill is the perfect multitask tool. It also comes with a hammer function to make it easier to drill in concrete and masonry. It is powered by the long lasting 18v lithium-ion batteries. This is the best cordless drill and the BEST PART is:you can get it for LESS money than many of its toughest competitors in this market. This drill is a “no brainer”.


2.Panasonic EY7450LR2S

Panasonic EY7450LR2S

This cordless drill from Panasonic is probably the best tool for tough conditions like dust and water. It comes with IP56 which means that it is tested in a laboratory and sprayed with water from a jet, and the water doesn’t penetrate anywhere.

The EY7450LR2s is a cordless drill of industrial caliber and has a 5 star rating on amazon. With the 3,3AH 18v lithium-ion batteries and the 478 inch/lbs max torque,this must be one of the most powerful cordless drills on the market today. I did a lot of heavy duty work when I tested it,and there wasn’t a task this drill couldn’t do. The dual speed (0-430rpm/0-1650rpm) and the 17 clutch positions makes sure you can use this cordless drill for any task you can imagine. It comes with an electronic brake and a LED working light. If you do a lot of work in tough and variable conditions this is the best cordless drill for you.


3. Makita BDF452HW

Makita BDF452HW

With a 5 star rating and over 300 positive reviews on amazon, this power-drill from Makita is one of the most popular. The popularity of this best cordless drill from Makita isn’t exactly accidental.

It has a stunning 450 lbs/inch of max torque which is really powerful. I tested this drill on 1/4″ diameter self tapping screws,and the machine just cried for more. I`m sure 1/2″ french wooden screws isn’t a problem for this drill. The cordless drill comes with the special LXT lithium-ion batteries from Makita and the rapid charger gives you a full charge in less than 15 minutes,which is very impressing. The BDF452HW is the drill with the best ergonomic design,and the lightweight of only 3,6 lbs makes sure you can keep going for a very long time without fatigue. The warranty of the battery-drill is actually very good,and comes with a 3 year warranty on the drill and 1 year warranty on the batteries.


4. Milwaukee 2601-22

Coreless Drill Milwaukee 2601-22

A quality drill from Milwaukee. This is the main drill for a friend of mine which is a professional construction worker. He is using his drill everyday,and with the 400 lbs/inch of max torque there isn’t a task this drill is backing out from.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of using his drill a lot of times and I must say that this drill is a killer. This best cordless drill is provided with 18v lithium-ion batteries,which is in fact lasting 2,5 times longer than the ordinary Ni-cad battery. The heavy duty 2 speed metal gearbox tells me that this power-tool represents good old American stability. But don’t let the power of this drill fool you. It has a very compact and lightweight design and weighs only 4 pounds. The 2601-22 has the best bit grip with its Yukiwa chuck. This is a drill you can rely on.


5. Dewalt DCD760KL

Coreless drill Milwaukee 2601-22

Dewalt is a well known brand. When you hear Dewalt you hear quality. This is the case with this best cordless drill too.

It is a lightweight (4 lbs) and compact (8,2 inch) drill. I actually used this drill under a kitchen sink,and there was no problems at all. A really slim and compact power-tool provided with a LED working-light so you can work in dark and confined spaces, It comes with a dual speed option (0-500/0-1700 rpm) so this is definitely a drill for any task. The 18v lithium-ion battery doesn’t loose the charge when the machine is not in use,which is pretty cool. It also have a longer life cycle than the regular Ni-cad battery. The Dewalt DCD760KL have currently a 5 star ranking on amazon with nearly 200 customer reviews. This is the drill for the picky one.


Everyone has their own opinion on what’s the best cordless drill for them. It is really everything about needs. On this website I will explain in a very simple way what drill YOU need,and what considerations you need to take to find the best battery drill for YOU,whether it is a 12v,18v,Ni-cad,lithium-ion,dual speed drill ETC.

What is the best cordless drill for you and your needs?

Cordless battery drills comes in many different variations,battery-types,speed and price-ranges. There is so many on the market that the average consumer doesn’t even know where to start.

You have the cordless drill battery, with everything from 3,6v and all the way up to 36v. You can get it in Ni-cad or the lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery is the best,have a longer life cycle,last longer and it holds the charge if the cordless drill is not in use. The Ni-cad battery drills is though a lot cheaper than the lithium-ion drills and you can in fact get great quality drills with Ni-cad batteries.

The cordless drills comes with many variations in speed and max torque (power). Some drills have a dual speed option which make them suitable for variable tasks. They have for instance 0-400 rpm (rotations pr minute) on low speed (suitable for larger holes) and 0-1700 rpm on high speed (suitable for smaller holes and driving). Max torque (inch-pounds) is the max power the tool is capable of doing. The best i’ve seen in a cordless drill is 600 inch/lbs. The higher the inch/lbs is,the more power the battery drill have at max..

The best cordless drills today,is very often compact and light weight. You can get cordless drills as low as 3 lbs. It seems that the top brands like Dewalt,Black and Decker,Bosch etc really put their effort into make the drills as compact and lightweight as possible. Good for us users,as we can go on for much longer time without (at least less) fatigue.
Earlier,the best cordless drills was typical from brands like Dewalt or Bosch. Nowadays it is different times and there is actually quite a few brands with quality tools. Now it is all about needs and price. A home user doesn’t necessarily need a Dewalt to $350 and the professional can’t do quality work with a $40 drill with a 3/8″ chuck.

This is why I made this website. I want to help you by finding the best cordless drill for YOU and YOUR needs. I continuously review cordless drills,to make it easier for you to make a better choice. I have done the job for you,all you have to do is to take action.

Although you’ve probably read the 5 reviews of the best cordless drills of my personal choice,you can do some more research by navigating on this site. I’ve tried to do the navigation of as easy for you as possible. You can go to the top of this site where I have categorized everything in a simple way so you can find the best cordless drill for you. Good luck in your seek for a new cordless drill driver.

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